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Canberra is the most expensive city in Australia to rent a house and the second most expensive to rent a unit, and the need for affordable housing has never been greater.

HomeGround Real Estate Canberra is a social enterprise of CHC Australia the largest not-for-profit community housing provider in the ACT. Through the affordable rent scheme, HomeGround matches generous landlords, who make a great difference to middle-income families.

Through the affordable rent scheme, landlords can offer reduced rent to tenants that can demonstrate having the potential to progress to homeownership in a few years, whilst enjoying financial incentives.

If a property is being offered for rent with a discount to market rent of more than 25 per cent, and the tenant meets income eligibility requirements, the landlord may fit the ACT Government’s criteria for a full land tax exemption.

Landlords who sign up with HomeGround are also eligible for a tax-deductible donation receipt for rent foregone through offering their property at below-market rent along with Capital Gains Tax discounts if they stay in the scheme for three years.

Landlords also retain complete control over choosing their tenants and enjoy highly secure tenancies with carefully vetted occupants.

HomeGround not only provides affordable rental options for tenants, but also opportunities for tenant development, such as training and courses, scholarships, and other events to strengthen the community. All these activities aim to support tenants to improve their education, level of employment, and quality of life, supporting their professional and personal growth.

December and January are the busiest time for rentals in the ACT, and families in the middle to low-income bracket struggle, even more, to find suitable housing in this period of higher demand. By renting your property through HomeGround, the greatest reward for the socially conscious landlord is the genuine impact it has on the lives of Canberrans.

HomeGround Real Estate Canberra provides complete property management services for both market rent and affordable rental properties, as well as strata management services, and its experienced staff will look after your property and best interest.

Contact us today and make a difference in your community!

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